The Grand Canyon, A Snowplow, and Prayer.

My wife and I made the crazy but awesome decision to adventure to the Grand Canyon a couple weeks ago. We traveled by car from our home city of Richmond, VA, which we knew might be tough, but we thought it was doable. What made this trip even more difficult was our time frame. We had 4 days to hit 14 states and drive 5,000+ miles.

Our trip was fantastic. The toughest part of the trip was when on our return we ran into a snow storm and had to travel in the falling snow from Kansas City, Missouri all the way home. That was a long way in the snow.

I’ll save the entirety of the awesomeness of our adventure for another post, but for now I want to focus on what happened when we hit the Appalachian mountains.

We ventured off the interstate thinking that we could maybe beat the storm north as it seemed as far we could tell to be building in from the south. This – we found out – was not a great choice.

The storm had in fact made it into the mountains we were trying to sneak through. There was already about 8+ inches of snow on the grassy surfaces and a few compacted inches of snow on the narrow, two-lane, no shoulder, curvy, and slippery roadway. It was beautiful but treacherous.

We had been in the gorgeous mountain scenery for about 2 hours or so driving at most 25mph. We were still hours from home and moving agonizing slow. White knuckles on the steering wheel and running on 45mins of sleep in the last 24+ hours.

We were climbing one of the many mountains the road wound its way through when we found ourselves in some serious trouble. We had made it to a point no snowplow had attempted to clear and few if any cars had passed. We came around a corner where there was a steep ledge to our left with no guard rail and the mountain to our right. The road was tilted to the mountain side so that in clear weather you can take the turn at the advertised speed limit. In the icy and snowy conditions this slant caused our car to slide sideways into the mountain and next thing we knew we were stuck. With no cell service, nothing substantial to help us dig out or gain any traction, and no clue where we were.

I tried reverse, still stuck. Put the car back in drive, not going anywhere. Kristina can’t get out of car on her side because the car was resting on the side of the mountain. I got out, no one around for miles, and surveyed the situation.

Now I was sure that someone would eventually come by. Whether they were prepared to help us dig or pull us out was another story. We prayed a lot and I searched the side of this mounting for any sticks or rocks I could find to help us gain some traction. No luck.

Finally, after a little more panic and prayer, we heard something coming around the corner. Thankfully it was a snow plow with fresh gravel in tow. The driver told us that “He’d get us out or call someone who could.”

We eventually made it out after another half hour of throwing gravel in front of the car and going from drive to reverse all the while rubbing the passenger side of the car along this snow covered mountain side.

We were fine. The car was fine. God answered our prayer.

I could see how one could argue either the snowplow or someone else was going to eventually come get us, that it was just a matter of time, but for me and my life every time things get rough God has shown up. In the little things, in the big things, he’s been there to dig me out of my own mistakes with the right people or the right opportunities at the right times.

When a coincidence occurs over and over again its hard to believe it’s a coincidence any longer. The response is hardly ever the same, but the end result always is- God has me and I should’ve never been worried in the first place.

Life’s situations may be painful, tough, and scary, but God is there. You’re safe with him.

He will dig you out. Just keep your eyes open.


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