7 Things Worship Leaders Can Learn From The Grammy’s 


A few truths that every worship leader can take away from the 2015 Grammy’s…

1. What you wear matters – If your hair stands a foot above your head not only will you have to watch for low clearances, but no one will be paying any attention to the words coming out of your mouth. Don’t be a distraction for people while leading them.  Keep it modest, keep it simple, but still be you.

2. Enunciate – When it’s tough to make out what your singing or saying your congregation will be quick to check out.  Our worship tunes have so much truth and depth to them don’t let sloppy musicianship be what causes people to stop singing.

3. Engage the audience – It’s easy to hide behind music and mic stands.  You are a leader, not just a musician.  Invite the congregation to sing a long with you.  The more inviting you are the more engaged people will be.

4. Excellence Matters – Whatever you do, do it well.  Whether or not you like the music preformed during the Grammy’s it was all done with excellence.  If your band sounds like they have no clue what’s going on you can pretty much guarantee that folks won’t be singing along.

5. Be genuine – No matter how hard you try to fake it people will see right through you. Good music has heart and soul behind it.  During the Grammy performance you can tell who’s got heart and who doesn’t Whether you want it to or not what’s happening in your heart and in your head will show through.  Root yourself in Jesus and don’t sing or say anything you don’t believe.

6. Stay away from Lucky Charms – I love Lucky Charms cereal.  They taste awesome, but I’m going to be hungry again shortly after eating them.  Pick music that’s rooted in scripture not just a sweet guitar riff or cool melody.  Songs that are filled with truth last.

7. Keep it simple – Some of the best performances were just guitar and voices.   Don’t feel like you have to have a ten piece band to lead well.  If all you have is a guitar and your voice just do that well.  Simple generally equals less distracting and easier to engage with.  While worship teams like Hillsong and Elevation are moving towards more of an electronic sound with layers and layers of synths and electric guitars, a four and five piece band still resonates with people. (PS. I love Elevation and Hillsong, we just don’t all have to sound like them.)

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3 thoughts on “7 Things Worship Leaders Can Learn From The Grammy’s 

  1. What you do offstage is sometimes just as important as what you do on it. How artists carry themselves at the Grammys and red carpet interviews (or onstage when it’s not your turn Kanye) ultimately can lead people towards or away from their music. Worship leaders are human, too but there feels like an extra added pressure of a need to see authenticity modeled all the time, not just from behind the mic. Great post brother!

    1. Great point Nikki. I tell my worship team that whether they want to be or not that the moment the step in front of the congregation that they are leaders and people will be paying attention how they carry themselves on and off stage. Thanks for the comment!

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